Bollywood & Startups: Emotion, Drama, Tragedy and more.

India has two big fascinations – Bollywood and Cricket. I don’t follow cricket, for me its Bollywood and Technology. I have kept wondering how both of them are related (in a funny way).

So I finally put this up – sitting today waiting at the airport and during the flight time.

This is made just for fun. Keep focus on your startup, keep building your product. And have lots of fun while you do that.
  • Santosh

    :-) Nice one ,sharing … Got to this place from HEF …

  • Vinaya Naidu

    hey!! this is so hilarious…loved the wit here! Thanks for sharing:)

    Am going through these..and while I do that, will take loads of ‘Inspiration’ for Lightoons 😉

    • Pravin J

      Thanks Vinaya. Feel free to embed the slideshare and share on Lighthouse.

  • Pinky Sharma

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