Another good way to collect User Feedback

As a product guy for many years I have used multiple methods / tools to collect user feedback. Some analytic tools that are under the hood like Google Analytics, Omniture, Kissmetrics, etc and others that are on the face of user like WebEngage, UserVoice, etc. If you love your product, any amount of feedback that you receive will be less.

For Wishberg, we wanted to hear more and so we introduced a feedback screen on the logout page. When any user logs out of his Wishberg account, its right there for users to share how their product experience was. Try out how this works on Wishberg, alternatively below is the screenshot of same.

Wishberg Feedback

The rational behind doing this is simple. If you have noticed, few years back when you logged out of web email services like Yahoo or others, they placed a huge banner advertisement on the subsequent page. Many of these advt banners had a CTR of 3% to 6% making it the most prime properties for advertisers. We replaced that advt spot with feedback.

Users have been very vocal in telling us what the love/hate about Wishberg and also pointing out what they want in the product. For a product owner it is probably the best way to collect feedback, equivalent to talking to your users. I hope to see many more product owners doing something similar to this.

  • Akash

    It is a good way to get feedback, but the number of people who logout after each visit has gone down a lot as opposed to what yahoo and others faced earlier.

    • Pravin J

      I agree. Personally too., outside Wishberg, LinkedIn and Quora are the two websites I have never logged out of. Making it to that league for a startup will be awesome, but yes there are still good number of people who log out of services. Many end sessions on a PC restart.

      Infact I hardly logout from a mobile application. Maybe thats because I feel to login everytime on a small keyboard gets a bit nuisance.

  • Nameet Potnis

    I think this is a great idea. I do hope people plug into it and write back.
    On a personal note, I am used to trying out almost every new company I hear about. But I “Never” Log out. Not even from Facebook, I think this happens because I only use my home PC, my work laptop and my Nexus to access the internet, and all the 3 have their Google chrome synced.

    I have read that Facebook/Twitter keep trying different stuff on their logout pages, so I guess A LOT of people do actually logout.

    If you can, do a followup of the feedback you got via this medium as compared to a conventional medium. It will make an interesting read. Love to read your stuff, very interesting observations always.

    • Pravin J

      8% users who logout share the feedback. The best part of getting feedback from this mode is – its first hand experience of product. The quality of feedback is great – equals talking to a real user.

  • manishreddy

    Great idea! Better than having a give feedback button at the right bottom corner, I think. What percentage of the users have been giving feedback?

    • Pravin J

      Thanks Manish. 8% users who logout share the feedback. The quality of feedback we received from here is awesome.. its first hand experience of product.