PJ’s Equation of Tweeting

Twitter was a product till few years back., its now a powerful communication tool. A medium to stay updated! What you get out of Twitter is simply based on whom who follow.

As a open communication medium, one needs to tweet responsibly!¬†Twitter can get highly addictive and if you are tweeting too much, you may be spamming your follower’s timelines with tweets that may be senseless for many.

I have followed this equation, which now I call the PJ’s Equation of Tweeting.

PJ’s Equation of Tweeting: Total Tweets < Followers x 10.

PJ's Equation of Tweeting

PJ's Equation of Tweeting

Though it looks simple, it really works (for me at least).

  1. One needs to Tweet responsibly, cause the tweets are limited.
  2. With every new follower, you earn right to tweet (10 tweets); and with every lost follower you lose that. Makes me tweet with care.

PS: Total Tweets includes everything – tweets, replies and retweets.
PS 2: If you just joined Twitter, the equation will not work. But as you get regular, it should.
PS 3: If you are celebrity in real world (or if you think you are) then: Tweets < (Followers / 10).

  • Bruce McCarthy

    PJ, I have about the same number of tweets as followers. Does that mean I am not tweeting enough – or that I am really concise?

    • http://www.beingpractical.com/ Pravin J

      I don’t think its about tweeting more or less, its more about tweeting relevant stuff. I do try tweeting something general at times and don’t see any engagement at all. That is probably cause everyone is used to be tweets about startups & tech :)

      • Bruce McCarthy

        Right. And if you tweet stuff people want to read, you end up with more followers. So there might be a ratio of tweets to followers that reveals how relevant you are.

  • http://www.beingpractical.com/ Pravin J

    Thanks Urooj. Saw this comment today, somehow it got marked as spam by discuss.

    Once again, thank you!

  • Srikar Reddy

    PJ, Should I consider PS or PS3 for my account.
    Considering PS gives me a huge number. I know, I don’t qualify PS3.
    Have a thought, who’re stuck in the middle like me?

    • http://mykindlebookreviews.com/ KD_Forsman

      Hiya, this is my dilemna as well… the formula doesn’t work for me. Interested if you can come up with another formula for tweeps like us…

  • Miranda Smith

    Thanks you for this amazing post!