List of Startup / Tech Influencers in India

Many founders struggle in getting a word out for their products or startups – its crucial, something that makes or breaks your startup in its initial days. While tech press and coverage for startups is one thing, its important to have early adopters talk about your product and suggest them to potential users / customers.

India ranks among the top 5 countries by users for global products like Facebook, Twitter, Quora and so on. Clearly we have enough early adopters, question is who?

Below is list of people that I have compiled and consider tech influencers whom you might want to connect with to get a word out about your startup. Good luck!

Things to note –

  • List excludes VCs or people directly associated with Accelerator or Incubators. Their tweets reflect vested interests in portfolio companies. I don’t consider them influencers.
  • People mentioned here frequently tweet / talk about startups and new products.
  • I don’t know many of them personally or follow many of them myself; however they keep appearing on my timeline again and again.
  • I plan to keep this listed updated, if you have any recommendations – drop me a email on pj (at)

Disclosure: This list is not compilation of users who tweet about Wishberg (my startup). In fact many of them don’t even have a account on Wishberg. But this includes my name somewhere in between :)

  • Hitesh Mehta

    Thank you for this list!

  • geekboy111

    awesome . thanks

  • Neha

    Few names missed. Lots of names unnecessary.

    • Pravin J

      Can’t keep everyone happy. If there are any suggestions – please mail me on pj (at)

  • Ritesh Singh

    u surely cannot keep everyone happy however basic is to do your due diligence. there are a lot of unnecessary names in it … whts ur definition of a tech influencers .. looks like some being on tweeter and tweeting about tech is an influencer for you

    • Pravin J

      Yes. Startups need people who can publicly share and recommend their products to others – Twitter is the best open forum to do that. Quora is another.

      If you have any suggestions on this list – drop a note to me. Happy to include those I have missed.