Building Global Product? List of Technology Sites & Blogs for Global PR

When Wishberg got TechCrunch’ed and had its share of Global PR two months back, many people asked how did we manage to do that! I am not answering that here.

Getting featured on top technology sites “should not be considered success”, there are miles to go for us. If you are building a Global Product, getting tech coverage from around the World helps you get the word out for your product.

So below is the cheat sheet we built for this – its the list of the top technology sites & blogs you should consider.

Of course I have contacts of all these websites and reporters. Not sharing as I don’t want them to get spammed! If you still want them, send $10,000 :)

If I missed any, please tweet them to me on @beingpractical or email to pj (at)

  • anon

    Pravin, you are not helping anyone with this list. You should share the list with email addresses of contacts. This is just a way to make quick buck from startups.

    • Pravin J

      I would never pay $10K myself to anyone for such list, so I don’t expect anyone else to pay me that. You missed the smiley there :)

      If you are doing a startup, don’t expect to be spoon-fed always. Learn to hustle a bit! I have spent good amount of time putting this up.

      Nevertheless, main reason why the contacts are not shared –
      1. I don’t want to be the reason for reporters to be spammed with emails.
      2. People change jobs, the emails will change over time. Not possible to keep the list updated all the time.

  • Pranay Srinivasan

    Easier than offering $10k / being lazy: build a kickass product, demonstrate measurable traction, befriend the Wishberg founders, and wait for them to hook you up.

    Oh wait, is that too much work? …

  • Zrch

    Hi guys! I’m Sergio, founder of @ThinkandStart and we appear in this list from Mexico 😀 Feel free to contact us! or to my Twitter account. We speak english too :)

    • Pravin J

      Neat Sergio :) Specially that last line!

  • englishsongs89

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