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about pj

over 13 yrs of exp of being internet user., since days of text browsing, irc chats & 9.6kbps dial up modems that disconnected on an incoming call.

key interests include – consumer products & platforms on internet, payment systems, airline industry, behavioral & audience marketing, demand side platforms, advertising networks & yield optimization, convergence of offline-online models, search engine stuff, etc. I claim no expertise in these domains and continue to learn. Love to focus on enabling technology to solve consumer pain points, building product road maps and simplifying complex platforms.

good at number crunching (with help at excel & calculator), time management (with help of organizers), product management (i think so). analyze business models of consumer internet products and offerings (without being asked for it). free time – driving, friends, music.

like to interact with startups and entrepreneurs. feel free to drop me a line or get validations for your products.

being practical is an my attempt to blog about technology, trends and my predictions & analysis of ecology in connected world. this blog will be not so much active and can be safely labeled as ‘endangered species’.


<contact>  pj [at] beingpractical [dot] com  </contact>