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Graph Search: What Zuck said!

Enough articles about Graph Search. Just one thing that Mark Zuckerberg said was striking.., “Graph Search is designed to show you the answer and not links to answers.”

For the record., check the last line from the most unnoticed post on my blog – Future of Search: A Search without Links: “Future of Search is not 100s of links on the search results page. Its one result – just exactly what you want.”


Future of Search: A Search without Links

Life cycle of technology products is declining with years. It is about 20 years that the first Search Engine was developed. Since 1998 Google made Search Engine part of our daily lives. Paul Graham recently wrote a essay called – ‘Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas‘. He says one of the best ideas could be a new search engine.

Even today we are searching exactly the same way we did 14 years back. Search for ‘keyword’, Google provides us with hundreds or thousands of links, and leaves it up to us to spend time finding out what is most relevant for us in those links. Why can’t Google or any other search engine provide us exactly what we need without the pain going through multiple links every time. I have said this many times – Search is incredibly painful. Users have got so used to it, they just don’t realize this.

So the answer is – Yes. Search is evolving, Knowledge Graph by Google is one of the finest examples how search needs to evolve. When you search of ‘Paul Graham‘ now on Google, you see much more than just 100s of links about Paul Graham through Knowledge Graph.

I may be wrong, but it appears that Knowledge Graph by Google is flawed by business design. Knowledge Graph is showcased mostly for keywords that could not be monetized by Google. This is clearly the way ahead for search, and direction Google needs to move (or is moving already) or perhaps any other startup that is attempting a new search engine. Don Dodge explains how just 1% of search market shares is worth over $1 Billion.

Future of Search is not 100s of links on the search results page. Its one result – just exactly what you want.